Bulldog Club of America Division I
Learn Before You Buy . . . Learn before You Breed

The Bulldog Club of America Breeder Referral Service is provided in an effort to direct prospective buyers of purebred Bulldogs to reliable breeders who are members of the National Club and register their dogs with the American Kennel Club, the National Oldest Purebred Dog Registry. These breeders have been approved by the Board of Governors of their respective Division(s) and are members in good standing.

The list, by Division and state, can be found
here. At the Division level, you can contact the Division secretaries listed on the Divisions submenu under BCA on the main menu. Information specific to members of individual clubs can be obtained by contacting the Secretaries of the local Clubs listed under each Division on the Divisions submenu.

The listing of an individual does not constitute any endorsement or recommendation by the Bulldog Club of America regarding any specific litter or dog offered for sale by an individual. Buyers are cautioned to ask anyone they contact any questions they may have and to check all matters relating to AKC Registration, health and quality before making any decisions.

The BCA Breeder Referral service can be contacted via email, or telephone. Phone calls will not, in general, be returned. If you leave a message, speak slowly when giving names and addresses.

To expedite the referral process, please specify the states, postal Zip Codes and/or telephone Area Codes from which referrals can be made. I.e. in what area of the United States would you like to find a breeder

Susan Rodenski
Breeder Referral Chairperson
540-775-3015 (EST) 10 AM – 7 PM EST Tue - Sat

If you are willing to consider rescuing a dog in need of a home, The Bulldog Club of America Rescue Network (BCARN) is the place to start.